Carpe Diem

Pluck the day  So, Jupiter has granted us another summer, perhaps the last before some terror strikes and airfares rise and giant jellyfish will send us screaming right in front of cameras. We’re not afraid, we’ll stand together, we’ll pluck the day. It’s ripe. Why trust in sunshine, waves and sandy beaches? Tomorrows are oblivious of today’s outrage – as long as nothing’s left behind. … Continue reading Carpe Diem

Less Time In February

From gloss and glamour to loss and clamour … The problem with handbags is the following: you overload! Overloading usually results in excessive digging, meaning that at crucial moments you are absolutely unable to come up with the object needed, as for example, your favourite lipstick. Rumour says that even feminists have been caught in the act of emptying the contents of their bags on … Continue reading Less Time In February

(2) Timeless in January

Understanding handbags Understanding what handbags mean to women is a complicated matter. You might compare handbags to the mystery of cats and adapt T.S. Eliot’s “The naming of cats”: “The buying of handbags is a difficult matter, It isn’t just a profane afterwork deed. You may think it’s as simple as a rattle’s clatter, But believe me, at least SEVEN  bags does a woman need!”  … Continue reading (2) Timeless in January