A Rocky Riverbed – Untold Summer Stories (2)

A Rocky Riverbed The girl’s mother was a native of the Northern realms where the ocean wasn’t far and seagulls now and then shrieked in the sky. She had followed a butcher from a small town in the mountainous South, married quickly and submitted herself to his no-nonsense apprentice training in the messy business about meat, ham and sausages. She was proud to be his … Continue reading A Rocky Riverbed – Untold Summer Stories (2)

Red-Roped Eternity – Untold Summer Stories (1)

Red-roped Eternity He had parked his black, high-tuned motorbike neatly in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain which had looked to him like Swiss Matterhorn from afar. Even though its size had diminished the nearer he had got, he was determined to interrupt his ride to the flatlands and climb the grey, rocky peak. He kind of rushed up the first 700 … Continue reading Red-Roped Eternity – Untold Summer Stories (1)

Geography of Escape (3)

Somewhere – Kurdistan! 30 million people make the Kurds the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East. But neither have they ever had a landlocked state nor have they ever been unified in their aim of nationbuilding. If you grow up being Kurdish you’ll belong to some other nation anyway. A presumptive state Kurdistan would turn out to be a nation of abandoned locals from a … Continue reading Geography of Escape (3)

Le Parc de La Villette – a landscape for the 21st century

Is Future Aging? What happens to future when a brand-new generation of toddlers has arrived to look at it? When the avantgarde of two generations ago is walking grandchildren through the landscapes of old-but-bold dreams as, for example, at Le parc de la Villette in Paris’ 19th arrondissement? The small ones will wonder at the spectacular, shiny mirror which their avantgarde grandparents point out to them and they’ll take the kaleidoscopic reflections of La Géode … Continue reading Le Parc de La Villette – a landscape for the 21st century

(6) Toccata Organ – A Man’s Organ

An organ, found and lost The sentimental value of a technical artifact often survives even if it long ago ended in deadlock and was disposed at the vast graveyard of industrial equipment. This is true for the Toccata Organ, which is a prominent exhibit at the industrial museum ‘Industriesalon Schöneweide’ and the only existing instrument of that kind today. The technical signature of this organ is “K 2”. This may sound like a backward … Continue reading (6) Toccata Organ – A Man’s Organ

(5) Heritage of Loss – Manhood

Man Machine, drinking gasoline “I’m a man machine drinking gasoline” – an appealing song for a male citoyen who maybe lives in a European capital and shares his cool contemporary views via twitter and a weĺl-furnitured literary blog with a fairly  non-conformed net community. While listening to the hammering music for a second time  he imagines grimy, athletic bodies, emaciated by some excruciating industrial work … Continue reading (5) Heritage of Loss – Manhood

(4) Heritage of Loss – Cyborgs and all my yesterdays

My post-industrial cyborg self… … is getting inquisitive sometimes…   Where has my humanity gone? Has it left my body? Have I reduced myself to a feeling android? Or has my mind changed into cyborg software which handles my body and soul? But I know I can always press the escape key and stay safe with my human glass shades of feeling such as lighting … Continue reading (4) Heritage of Loss – Cyborgs and all my yesterdays