Geography of Escape (2)

Ah, Asmara…. “… Eritrea is one of the most secretive countries in Africa. For those who have a hankering for off-the-beaten-track places, it offers challenges and excitement aplenty, with a unique blend of natural and cultural highlights…” ( 2016) It is not law that rules Eritreans – it is fear… “When I am in Eritrea, I feel that I cannot even think because I am afraid … Continue reading Geography of Escape (2)

Geography of Escape (1)

Hi, have you been to Syria? I know, my home country is  #1 on the list of dangerous places on the planet, so you can’t go now and you shouldn’t. When cutting out this colourful refugee map from my shattered memories, I  tried to imagine Syria before it descended into infernal civil war. I heard my uncle speaking to me from the distance of several countries and he said: … Continue reading Geography of Escape (1)

(4) Let thy feet be set in midst of knowledge and try together!

British Museum – Let’s look into the future and share dreams! Every single one of the more than 5 million visitors who enter London’s British Museum each year, will set his feet on the marvellous white floor tiles of the inner courtyard.  Yet, he will not look down to the floor but lift his eyes to the incomparable grandeur of the Great Court and the … Continue reading (4) Let thy feet be set in midst of knowledge and try together!

(3) Cling and climb and stay together!

400 plants and Ivy is one! As a countdown to its 400th anniversary in 2021, the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum is presenting 400 plants of scientific and cultural prominence. Since November 24th 2013 such a plant has been highlighted every week. Common Ivy, scientifically named Hedera Helix, was the plant last week (107). What a marvellous choice! Hedera Helix, Common Ivy … Continue reading (3) Cling and climb and stay together!

(2) Stay Together…

…and sing La Marseillaise! The sunniest public event in the aftermath of the atrocious terrorist attacks on Paris has been the united singing of the national French anthem at Wembley Stadium, when thousands of French and English football fans (including Prince William) were belting out La Marseillaise together with the French and English national football teams – with a lot of gusto, unflagging confidence and … Continue reading (2) Stay Together…