The Urban Spectacle

Noah Feeding Pidgeons

City Voices V

Nouh is feeding his pigeons

At the end of the market day the streets of the shuk are covered with chunks of fruit and organic garbage – the daily mess ¬†after the last sales have been made and the crowd is gone. Nouh has sifted through what can be used tomorrow again and stored away remaining merchandise. The men in the shuk have cleared the trash and heaped it up so that the dumpster can suck it in easily and remove the chaos. Then a stream of water will wash away Nouh’s work day.

Now, he is taking a break from the shadows of the shuk and goes outside to feed his pigeons with some remnants of the market day.

Nouh breathes the scent from the sea and welcomes his pigeons, the ancient and streetwise messengers of day and night.