(5) Heritage of Loss – Manhood

Man Machine, drinking gasoline “I’m a man machine drinking gasoline” – an appealing song for a male citoyen who maybe lives in a European capital and shares his cool contemporary views via twitter and a weĺl-furnitured literary blog with a fairly  non-conformed net community. While listening to the hammering music for a second time  he imagines grimy, athletic bodies, emaciated by some excruciating industrial work … Continue reading (5) Heritage of Loss – Manhood

(2) A healthy-looking man from the countryside

So you sit at the family table and hear him talking about the beauty in his life. That those Dutch tulips have invaded the countryside and how everything has lost its grace. You look at the vegetable soup which Rosa has cooked and which is his favourite soup, at least that’s what he says today. Oh, Rosa, such a wonderful cook you are, I do … Continue reading (2) A healthy-looking man from the countryside